Samstag, März 04, 2006

Eating meat is cruel

The Animals Lament:

The Pig Ghetto:

"In groups of 80 to 200 animals, we pigs are kept on gratings in nearly constant darkness. We stand on split flooring with no straw on it, which often leads to damaged joints.
We are produced as if in a factory. The breeding sows are artificially inseminated in individual pens. During their 15 weeks of pregnancy, they are kept vegetating in very dimly lit tiny concrete stalls. To give birth they are tied up in special birthing pens. They can hardly move, and can merely stand up and then lie down again. So it is impossible for them to care for their young."

What Has Eyes, Intelligent People Do Not Eat

Quotes from great minds

Albert Einstein: physicist:

"Nothing will increase the chances of survival for life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet."

Mahatma Gandhi, NobelPrize winner:

"I tink that spiritual growth compels us at a certain point to stop killing our fellow creatures for the satisfaction of our physical wants"

Albert Schweitzer, physician, NobelPeacePrize:

"My view is that we stand up for treating the animals in aconsiderate way, for completeley
renouning the eating of meat and also for speaking out against it. This is what I do myself. An in this way many a one becomes aware of a problem that was put forward so late."

What Has Eyes, Intelligent People Do Not Eat

People, don`t eat us! Please let us live!

Don`t Eat Meat!

Eating meat is cruel
Eating meat makes you sick
Eating meat causes global misery
What has eyes, intelligent people do not eat
Animals have a soul

To justify the boundless exploitation of nature, the following words of the Creator are often quoted: Subdue the earth (Gen.1:28). The word "subdue", however does not mean that animals may be tormented, forests and plants annihilated, or that every everything may be destroyed that is within mandkind`s grasp. The Word "subdue" means the commandment to preserve the nature kingdom and all of the Earth. We are calledd unpon to treat animals with love and to care for them. We are called upon to respect, cherish and love all life forms on Earth, even Earth as a whole, because everything in all things is the work of the Almighty - the love for humans, animals plants and rocks, for the entire Earth.